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M16 A1 , XM16 look.

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Hi all.


Sorry for post just now some photos of my "XM16" , have post last week , but, i don't no why , after some try for post the photos , i can't never achieve the post.


Sorry , the pin hole is not good drilling , the steel is very hard , and the right side of upper have a hole drill on partial reinforcement , have see on some pictures of original have not this hole , but , have again some "job " for obtain an very correct XM 16 early war .


Have nice day .













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Hi! It looks like an interesting rifle. Have you posted pics at the AR15 forum under “retro rifles”? I’d bet they’d like to see it too.


Is there any color variation to the furniture? I know the early M16s often had “molted” looking plastics- black with swirls of brown in them that gave a sort of marble look to them. From the pics, yours look semi gloss black.


Is your bolt carrier group silver?

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Hi Richard,

Did you do the conversion yourself?

Where did you get the three prong flash hider, I've tried to purchase one for an M16 that I have but unfortunately like you have found out looking for your Magazine bandoleer, no one will post out of the US.

Love the look of your rifle.


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