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  1. Hi , and welcome on forum .
  2. Hello from France . I wish an very good healt to all member of this forum, I very glad to show my last acquisition , from united state via Ebay , an R.I.A made circa 1915 very hard to fine , seen only one in 10 year , "pack tail " olive green color , end tip round , its appear unused condition and the leather strap is souple and pliable . Best regards . Richard
  3. Hello from France . I which welcome on this great forum . Best regards
  4. Hi , from France . this is my last purchase , its pity , no Vietnam era but i think , 80' stock demiled , off course ! I hoppe soon as soon find many other items and quickly purchase in U.S.A if coronavirus during not too long time for all country in the world . By and take care off you .
  5. Hi from France . Have buy this M1 , front seem ,almost new old stock but , some krack in visor and rear shell , otherwise ,good condition , however ,have some questions about heat stamp and dating manufacture , the number stamp is 281A, if i refer on abac , is about septembre 42 ,???? but , at this time Mc cord have no began swivel manufacture , and the color of chinstrap is olive green ,cooper hardware, like late war ! how you think about this shell . I wish in early , happy new year for 2020 at all forum members Richard
  6. Hi all. Sorry for post just now some photos of my "XM16" , have post last week , but, i don't no why , after some try for post the photos , i can't never achieve the post. Sorry , the pin hole is not good drilling , the steel is very hard , and the right side of upper have a hole drill on partial reinforcement , have see on some pictures of original have not this hole , but , have again some "job " for obtain an very correct XM 16 early war . Have nice day . Richard
  7. Hi , from France . I show my M16 A1 , almost look XM16 A1. I have purshasse in 2013 an Colt M16A1 export demiled, is an manufacture Colt about 1974/84 ,no us property. After have change but stock ,flash hider , remove partial reinforcing on upper , remove rivet front axe of sling replacing by pine axe , pine hole in all axes assembly and selector firing . But, the transformation is not totally ending , i do remove the code forge , and squared the upper , the only think i can not able is the reanodizing , have use a painting modeler ,( i am builder figurine and model). The 20 rounds
  8. Hello from France . I show my lates acquisition of two week ago. One complete AR 15/M16 cleaning kit , fiscal year 66, am not sure if the content is a correct era , but , for 25 euros . One pre ww1 shovel cover , R.I.A manufacture , about 1915/16, resaid central bar, square tip end , verry hard to fine in France . One MSA manufacture liner (civil defense ) complete and very good condition , with mid -war leather chinstrap. by and have nice day. Richard
  9. Hello from France I have juste discover this amazing post ! wooohh , its first time have seen pre 56 try equipments , never seen for sale ( ebay or other ) . Mutch tanks for sharing your very scare item Richard
  10. Hello ! from France. Your neck band is manufactured in fiscal year 1965, ( to july first 1964 at jun 31 1965) no date code until fiscal year 67 ( DSA 100 67) Best regards Richard
  11. Hello all ! from France . Am really gladly to share my latest purchase on Belgium gun show . An "matching" haversack R.I.A made , about 1913/14 , pack "tail" white correct sewing leather strap. An early scabbard R.I.A , i can't really read date but , i think ,1910 and another scabbard 1917/18 manufacture and nice 1905 bayonet R.I.A 1911 . Good end of week-end all. Richard
  12. Hi all !! from France There is my last bought , in "small" French gun show. A "bolo" 1912 dated , unfortunately the last owner had generously and hardly use an brush clean , without dismounting, and have almost disappeared the ordinance bomb , so , i completely dismount , smooth cleaning and remote the last spot of rust , and treated all parts with an cold tanning liquid , gives a very good finish . He will be able to join the scabbard of the same date , bough on e bay US in many year ago. Have nice day. Richard
  13. Hello ! from France I hope help you with comparison between an early 1910/ 12 R.I.A cup and ,1913/17 R.I.A made , each is no marking. Somes differences can be seen : the "head's" of rivets is more wide on early cup : the stamping is more "square " , more angular on early cup. : the two small's "ear" for looked handle is stamp at 90°. : the rear side is no too "concave"
  14. I like really this amazing and complete "palmer " . thank's for share this essential , but short lived use equipment before massive weeb Mills equipment . Richard
  15. Hello from France ! My last purchasse (,last of 2018?) from Ebay USA , a very nice tunic of a corporal of engineer unit , early 1915 dated , whith 1160 specification. I hope you enjoy like me this early . Best regards at all and , in early ,merry Christmas all membre and your family .
  16. HI !! I am glad to show my last purchase , from Bay state militaria , scott is sérious and nice saler. Perfect for complete my 1911 Mills haversack , but i dont know if the leather lace , find on pouch , is original . Best regards at all .
  17. Bonjour , hi all !! I have recently seen which amazement on Ebay us , an "dog tag" stamp which my first and second name with a same spelling ,Richard Haas !!how i can find some infos about this soldier . Have nice day at all.
  18. HI all ! Very nice interesting post and job for this éssential parts of US équipments and hard to find . Have nice day
  19. I show you two R.I.A made pouch , for eyelets évolution , olive green and pea green , no date , but police green came whith 1911 haversack , about 1914 for pea green.
  20. hello ! I have just receive this week my last purchase on Ebay US, one very early 1910 haversack and mess tin pouch,its clearly 1911 dated , rounded shoulder strap, olive green color . the flap are some tears and 2 eyelets is missing , otherwise , is in very good condition for an very scare item, but now , the very difficult is for find a pack extender of same period. I schow for comparaison R.I.A and Mills all 1911 dated. By and have nice day all.
  21. Hello from France . I have bought in" broncante"second and this excellent book , for 2 euros, !!. At the beginning , i believe read many detailed strategic and technique story of the battles about vietnam war , so........not at all , its much more , its writing , in 1983, whithout concession or bias. All is tell , the mistake , the corruption , the politic "game", all warring nations , the stubbornness of each and other, the great influence on election campagne for Johnsons and Nixon up till water gate affair, the alliances "forced"..........and more. After have read , i understand much
  22. HI Pep! Sorry for delay for answer , no , is only "stick and snake " the caduceus of médecine . see you and have nice day .
  23. Hi all!! I have recently, 3 weeks ago, bough on Ebay US,this very scare first aid pouch clearly dated 1914 , sale whith leather rig 1903 "sam brown belt modified by added some grommets , my guess is for easily hanging equipment whith 1910 hook !!, and one "classic" leather pouch for two Colt 1911 magazines 1913 dated . Have nice day all. Richard
  24. WHOOOOO!! splendid , i love it , identified cover , and 66 fiscal year.
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