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  1. Where can I post the website if anyone would like to purchase?
  2. Here’s the lens painted and installed in my tube.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone need a replacement front clear LAW sight lens? I had a tube that was missing the lens, and had no luck finding a suitable replacement. So instead, I found a shop and and worked with them to recreate a replacement lens. I drew up the lens with the markings as a file and the shop did the rest. The lens has the markings laser engraved, you would need to paint in the red markings to complete. Take a look, and if you need one to complete your LAW tube, I can post a link to the shop. The lens cost $25, and I don’t profit from the sale. I’m just a collector and wanted to help
  4. Hi! It looks like an interesting rifle. Have you posted pics at the AR15 forum under “retro rifles”? I’d bet they’d like to see it too. Is there any color variation to the furniture? I know the early M16s often had “molted” looking plastics- black with swirls of brown in them that gave a sort of marble look to them. From the pics, yours look semi gloss black. Is your bolt carrier group silver?
  5. I’m loving this thread, with the vintage photos and all the stories. Please keep it going!
  6. Hi hbtcoveralls, Could you elaborate more on what you mean by complicated and difficult to service? I figured an English armored vehicle made from the 50s to the early 70s would be more elaborate to tinker with than a modern car, but I’d like to know more in detail, if you’d care to tell. I just discovered someone near to where I live just purchased a Ferret- I contacted him and he responded last evening, and we had a good chat. This is his first armored vehicle and he seems very open to me having a look around it, but being a newbie himself, he knows about as much as I do. Hopefully,
  7. Hello Max, and welcome to the forum. I’m new here too, but the members are very helpful and have a great deal of knowledge and information. We’d love to see what you’ve collected so far.
  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to start a topic on Ferret armored cars and hopefully hear from some owners about ownership, maintenance, and things like that. Ive long thought about buying one at some point, but I really would like to learn more about them first; its not like one can go to a dealership and try one out! Beyond things like jeeps and trucks, the Ferret seems like a more common military vehicle to own, as you can drive them legally on the street. But Id really like to hear from owners and get their impressions of Ferret ownership. Thank you!
  9. Thanks Martin! I just put that together, the case and shelves inside. I think it turned out decent. By the way, my Japanese grenade is missing the top cap and pin/pull string- if anyone has a line on where I could get those, it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hey- this is what I found: https://www.benning.army.mil/Garrison/TSC/Device.html
  11. That is a very neat find! I love how it’s stamped Ft Benning on the buttstock.
  12. Does anyone know what the M72A1 clear front sight looks like?
  13. There is a Model 100 smg model; it’s almost as rare as the real thing. A few weeks ago, there was an incomplete Type 100 parts kit that was on Gunbroker that I watched. I was missing a lot, including the magazine and a big portion of the receiver; it went for over $3500, and I wasn’t even entertaining bidding, because I knew it was going to be a lot. I’ve seen Type 99 machine gun dummys go for even more. The M3 Greasegun is a airsoft model made by ARES, it’s made of stamped metal and is really close to the real thing, including the bead weld the goes all the way around it. The MP40 is a MG
  14. Hey! I live north of Atlanta and would love to see the Cobra and Huey some time. The Cobras has always been my favorite helicopter. I live near Dobbins, and remember seeing the gray on gray newer Cobras overfly us from time to time.
  15. Thank you Kaptainssurplus. I appreciate your insight into the history and changes of the line, which I think is really interesting. Can you tell me what was deemed unsafe on the A1, and how the coupler fixed the issue? How did the A1 differ from the original M72? I know that the original LAWS had issues in Vietnam; I remember reading about the Battle of Lang Vei, and how several rockets failed to function. Did any of this trigger the A1 update? Thanks for all your knowledge!
  16. Hi Ryan, and welcome to the forums! Really good introduction. I’m glad you have an understanding of the importance of the history beyond just the items themselves, and the connection to veterans. As collectors, I know we focus on the little details of specific items, but with each item there is a story and a history all it’s own. Welcome to the forums.
  17. Are the M72A1 more rare to find? I see an overstamping of “6/70” in yellow over the paper label- would that be the date code?
  18. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my “paperweight” collection! In the first photo, only the MP40 and the M3 Greasegun and model/replicas. The rest are deactivated. In the grenade box, the German “potato masher” is faux. My goal was to have a submachine and machine gun from every major player in World War II; Japan is the most elusive, most expensive, so that is the hole in my collection. Some I bough deactivated, some I purchased as parts kits and rebuilt/ deactivated myself. All except the Russian DP28 (and models) I refinished myself. I like the idea of collecting different design
  19. Hi everyone, Im new to the forum-I posted a message in the introductions area. I recently purchased a LAWS Rocket tube; it looks pretty complete, it is only missing the clear front sight. Ive been trying to read-up on these, and it seems information is very basic and thin. Mine came with a manual dated 1982 and a nice display stand. As Ive understood, these are usually dated, but I cant seem to fine the date on mine. I believe this is an M72A1- I think I saw that stamped on it towards the front. I wanted to post and have those that know chime in and fill me in on the history and de
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