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Vietnam Patches

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Almost all are $10 or more. The bottom 2 pocket hangers are the best of the group

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The 173rd A/B BDE is U.S. made but in a Vietnam made pocket hanger. The Engineer CMD - Vietnam and 125th(I think) Transportation are Vietnam made. All 3 pocket hangers are very collectible. Maybe $25 for the 173rd, $40 for the Engineer CMD, & $60 for the Transportation. The 101st are U.S. made from the 60’s. The Special Forces with teal A/B tab is a nice early one, maybe $30. 1st Aviation BDE looks Japanese made. USARVN pocket hanger is common but still collectible, maybe $20. The subdued is a 1st issue twill, about $10. The rest are common U.S. made.



ASMIC #1098


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