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  1. Been down this road before only to get a few maybes. Thought I would try it again and see if I could get something more concrete. Thanx in advance
  2. What is a fair value for this one?
  3. Are these patches any good? Or just common?
  4. Sterling Silver lapel pin. Looks to me like a Crane, maybe an eagle? Anyone have any ideas?
  5. My dad's 38th Division patch on wool (pre war) is all black back stitching. Pretty sure it was US made.
  6. I once owned an example of the first patch and the gentleman I sold it to told me it was for Ordnance Recovery Service.
  7. I am always looking for patches with the "German" made stars. Someone once upon time had a large sheet of them, I wish I could find out what happened to it.
  8. Triangle T, T think it is a fraternity patch.
  9. Thought some of you might enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor over the past thirty plus years. Still looking for more.
  10. He has seen two of the same Type ( he can't remember if they were Type 4 or 10), but was told they came together from the same vet's family. Although the patches looked the same, one was bluish-purplish on the edges and the other was tan. This was the first time that he had seen a patch with that color on the edges definitely attributed to the WW2 era. However, he was not assured because one does not know 100% if the story is truthful or if a postwar substitution could have been added. He has gotten some blue tinged Type 10s from 101st vets who stayed in the Army until the 1960s, and they attr
  11. The big one looks to be Japanese (Okinawa) made.
  12. I have refereed this to Mark Bando. The patch in question was produced towards the end of the war through to the '50's. He has an example with WWII provenance. So... it could go either way as to the vintage of this patch. Mystery solved and thank you to all who commented.
  13. Can someone quote the text that states, specifically, that the Type 11 is post war? I do not own a copy. I was informed by someone who does, that Bando's Type 11, pictured in his guide, is attributed to a member of the 502nd. Is there an assumption that Type 11 is a post war production? Or, is it stated emphatically that all, 11-15, are post war?
  14. I am getting conflicting opinions about this, can someone please tell me what this patch dates? It does not glow under black light and the base cloth is Navy blue.Thanx.
  15. Looks like poncho pattern, maybe before treated with waterproofing.
  16. I would like one used by Marines.
  17. Can post a pic (later). Helmet is a PASGT.
  18. How do I determine the date of my Kevlar helmet and where can I get a cover for it? Thanx.
  19. I have a suspicion this is theatre made but when and where I do not know. Could someone clear this up for me? Thanx.
  20. I think it is just the light reflecting off a velvet background on the patch.
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