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  1. It’s certainly possible, I haven’t seen any with any sort of tags.
  2. No one will be able to tell you with a photo that tiny
  3. The smaller pin looks like a sweetheart or kids pin
  4. They are AF enlisted insignia probably 70s period
  5. construction is similar to the better made CBI insignia you see
  6. It’s pre ww2, just looks like it was trimmed. Likely was an armband at one time.
  7. Looks like it could be Philippine made
  8. Wake1941


    DI is made in India, along with the patches. Nice group
  9. It’s real, looks like the ones they wore on the PT shorts. Probably 40s/50s period
  10. Looks fine to me, catch is missing part of the clasp. You see pins like this from time to time.
  11. 187th looks like a repro with synthetic base material
  12. First is a computer generated repro, 2nd one might stand a chance
  13. I wouldn’t say it’s a new trend, guys have been doing this for years. They are fairly easy to tell, the borders are rough and not embroidered as they should be. But that won’t stop people from buying them as variants
  14. The cap and EGA are fine, as said the officer rank is an army one. They wore the smaller size rank insignia on their side caps.
  15. 41st is US made just a variant, the 29th is US gemsco as mentioned
  16. It’s Brit made, just picked one up myself
  17. Not marine Corp or US made, these are poorly cast. Likely from the Middle East
  18. Not rare, merchant marine cap insignia. Worn on the side cap
  19. Not military related, there was an armored unit that wore a tiger patch but this is not it. Likely for a high school
  20. It is a cap patch for an overseas cap. Texas State Guard
  21. I’ve sent quite a few and never had a problem.
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