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U.S Navy Vietnam and Antarctica Bronze Star & Purple Heart Group

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Hi all


The following was a speculative buy at auction:


This auction is for a superb collection of American war medals with certificates and citations ETC awarded to "George Franklin Bernhardt" 'Boatswains mate, First and second class US Navy. They include the cased purple heart with certificate, Vietnam medals with citations, The bronze star cased with certificate. Military Merit medal cased with certificate,his Antarctic medal with documents and photo, Vietnam River patrol certificate with badge,Navel good conduct medal with certificate,Armed forces Expeditionary service medal and two National defense medals. This is a wonderful RARE collection awarded to the one serviceman.


Excellent citations I think.


Any ideas on current value appreciated as will likely I sell as not my collecting area.


Thanks in advance.




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This is a great group, I really like it. I'd still go with my initial estimate on it of around $500-$600, depending on the buyer.


Hope that helps!


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