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  1. I'm assuming you've done the color comparison between the USMC shirt and the Navy trousers - in my mind, I think they're different shades. That said, I agree with Heptonic in that your best bet is to buy the items you need from eBay. Not to mention that buying the items new is exceptionally expensive...I actually buy the uniforms I wear at either the base thrift stores or on eBay as I can buy them for far less than what they cost through the Exchange.
  2. Some dude on the forum wrote a book about this stuff... Anyway, on page 495 and 496 of the book, it has the tube for the accolade and the large mailing envelope for the Purple Heart certificate, sent at different times through the war by the Navy Department.
  3. Looks like a nice, early WW2 issue BB&B Silver Star in an untitled case. The number isn't traceable according to this pinned thread: However, if you want to contact the poster, he may have a more updated list with the numbers on it. Dave
  4. I'm trying to get in touch with whoever runs the website https://militariawingswwii.wordpress.com/. However, the e-mail they have on the website doesn't work - it gets bounced back as unknown. It doesn't look like they've done anything with the website since 2013 - maybe they passed on? Or just lost interest? Or changed their e-mail address? Any help or direction is appreciated. Dave
  5. I am by far no expert on this, other than the fact that I've done it a lot in modern times. However, my father in law started his naval career in the 1950s, so with that advice... Ship to ship communication would have been through the radio room, semaphore, or flashing light. Talking on the "phone" like we do now (or at least for the last 22 years I've been in the Navy) is a relatively modern innovation. If I can find out more, I'll let you know. The guys that run the USS Slater up in MA would certainly know for sure, I'd think.
  6. I'm a power seller as well, but I haven't heard anything about the changeover for me. I assume it will happen at some point in the future...the inevitable...
  7. That's a great pair of messages. Having just come off a deployment on a flag staff, I can totally see this correspondence happening - just over e-mail now instead of message traffic.
  8. From http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/Seamanship/img/?C=N;O=D Here's a chart showing H-Div on a battleship. Most larger ships had H-Divisions, from what these charts show. This means that this helmet could have served anywhere in the world and at any point in time through the Korean War and still been correct for the ship.
  9. Dave

    "POW" helmet

    That's abbreviated POOW. I think that Prisoner of War is probably a more accurate guess.
  10. The OMSA Ribbon Bank typically has most foreign ribbons that you could want. There are also several sellers on eBay that often stock extensive foreign ribbon - you just have to search for them (there are three or four who routinely have stuff). As far as the rosettes for the ribbons, those are tough to find without finding the vintage ribbons themselves. I once stumbled upon a small box of WW1 to WW2 French ribbon material, rosettes, palms and the like in a small militaria shop in the south of France. That was 18 years ago...I still kick myself for not buying the box.
  11. Andrew: That is a really amazing piece! Dave
  12. Well, if anyone has heartburn over missing it on eBay, then Facebook, it's now up for auction with Centurion Auctions...
  13. Thanks Mike! I looked on eBay as well and found nothing...maybe they come in waves... I thought this would be pretty cool framed because of the fame of the unit and the time period of this report. I found this chronology on the27thmaine.com JUNE 01 Promoted: H.Knox, F.Davis, S.Hayes, C.Pierce, C.Hutchins 10 Date on which the 27th ME were first told they would be released from duty [9-months from 10 Sep, the date they signed up] 21 Brigade ordered to report to Maj-Gen Slocum of the 12th Army Corps by the 28th [not knowing they were 9-month men with service about to expire] >>>23 This muster report produced 24 Brigade ordered to Washington for transportation home 25 Left Chantilly and moved to Arlington Heights 26 Died: F.Burnham 28 The 25th and 27th ME receive letters from Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War, under direction of the President, asking for them to stay beyond their 9-month service for a short time. Over 300 men of just the 27th ME step forward 30 original expiration date for the 9-month service [from 30 Sept mustering in] JULY 03 Battle of Gettysburg ends
  14. I'm going to say it's a sweetheart piece, but WW1-1930s vintage. I really like it!
  15. Thanks guys! Here are a couple photos. I had never seen one before. I thought it would be pretty cool to frame...
  16. I randomly came across a Union morning report for a relatively known unit, signed by the unit's CO. I haven't been able to find many of these "in the wild"...seems like most are in archives and such. Is that typically what happened to these? I bought mine as kind of a cool decorator, but I was trying to see what's out there that's like it, and am not having much luck. Welcome to venturing into an unknown collecting realm for me!
  17. Right before I left on deployment, I picked up a Purple Heart and forgot to research it. I did a search and sure enough...I am the owner of John A. Davies' Purple Heart! DakotaDave - do you still have his DFC and AM? Dave
  18. Interesting! Sadly, much of the paperwork about the devices was discarded ages ago and never made it to the National Archives. It would have been interesting to see when manufacturers changed over to new designs, as each design required approval.
  19. Also, from your photos above, the more rounded serif "V" came into use after Vietnam. Looking through my photos, the "V" in gold with sharp angles was used on officially-issued government awarded posthumous medals at least through 1971.
  20. I feel embarrassed in that I think I knew the date at one time but I can't remember off the top of my head. I did look back at my photos and I have posthumous Army BSM groups from 1951 that have the serif-model "V". My assumption is that the Marines and Navy probably switched about the same time as the Army, so sometime prior to 1951. My gut seems to tell me that it was 1948 that they switched from non-serif to serif, but I have been able to find no hard data to back that up.
  21. Dave

    Top Gun Two

    Having just spent the last seven months on an aircraft carrier, I'll probably see it in the theater. I can say that the "thump" you hear following the jet taking off from the carrier is 100% real. From my experience of having my office under the catapult, I compare it to having a metal trashcan placed over your head and then someone beating it with a baseball bat. Good times. As an aside, Ed Harris looks more like he should be acting in a Tales from the Crypt movie rather than playing an active duty admiral. But that's just me...
  22. The sellers at the SOS and online are Ruddles Mills. They can be reached through ruddlesmills@bellsouth.net Just be forewarned...they are great people but their cases are not the same quality as the Indian River ones. It's sad because I lost about a dozen of my Indian River ones in a move and bought the Ruddles Mills ones to replace them. They are clearly different quality and the foam they use isn't dense enough to hold flat items (paper, single medals) up to the glass without them sliding down, unlike the old Indian River ones. When I have a chance, in fact, I plan on researching and buying better foam for the new frames I purchased so I can use them as hanging displays like my old Indian River ones.
  23. Dave

    A2 appraisal

    I agree with the above comments that you should probably check with whomever you have insurance for their requirements relating to appraisals. For those of us who have collections, there are specific companies that offer coverage for militaria without specific appraisals. The reason they are in business is because most insurance companies require professional appraisals, which require finding someone who is a certified appraiser for the item and then an official document that (from what I've seen in the past) will cost up to something in the realm of 5% of the appraised value. Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who is a certified militaria appraiser. I would be quite interested to find out who is considered to be an insurance-company-accepted certified appraiser, who certified them, and their background in certified appraisals. As Big Dog mentioned above, Jeff might be in that category - not sure of who else. Would be interesting to know though...
  24. I'm making an uninformed guess at this, but given that most bells were brass and polished, I would assume that a cast bell would most likely have been painted haze grey, just like the ship. That's my hunch...
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