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Norway's gratitude to an American Merchant seaman.


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A letter to Mr. Robert Tatosky from the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Defence dated March 27, 1992.


Mr. Robert Tatosky:


Replacement of the Norwegian War Medal.


We have received a letter form Mr. I Millar dated November 4, 1991 with information of saving the lives of Norwegian refugees onboard "S/S HENRY BACON". as she was attacked and after a brave fight was sunk in the Arctic in February 1945. He also informed us that you never received the well deserved Norwegian War Medal which you were awarded in 1946 as crew member of the "S/S HENRY BACON". Most probably the award must have been lost in the mail.


The Norwegian Council of War Decoration issued this decision on the 5th of March:


"The Norwegian Council of War Decoration recommends the War Medal awarded to Robert Tatosky by Royal Resolution of 4 January 1946, to be forwarded to him, as he together with the crew on board "S/S HENRY BACON" on 23 February 1945, in a courageous manner fought German air attacks, and saved Norwegian refugees on board the ship."


Please find enclosed the Norwegian War Medal and a diploma as a token of Norwegian gratitude for the courageous deed you and the rest of the crew of "S/S HENRY BACON" carried out to save the lives of Norwegian refugees.


Yours sincely


Even Enge, Head of Division.


Arne Omdahl

Executive Officer.



I would also like to note that Robert Tatosky was also awarded the Russian medal for the 40th Anniversary of Victory in The Great Patriot War, at the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC.

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Ian Miller was a very active Merchant Marine Collector and OMSA member in the early 1990's - He wrote quite a few articles in the OMSA Journal about groups in his collection - He may have written an article on this grouping.



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Brig: Senior Moderator. If you will let me have a snail mail address I will be happy to send you a copy of the letter re Tatosky of HENRY BACON. Bill: I did not write an article on Tatosky for OMSA although you are correct I have authored a fair number of Merchant Marine related articles over time. I did author an article "All They Had for Norway" which was about the HENRY BACON loss and the subsequent saving the lives of several Norwegians who were passengers on board at the time. This appeared in various magazines and newspapers.

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