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Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History

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Visited the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History in Brussels, Belgium. Understandably Belgian-centric, they have an overwhelming collection - especially if interested in 19th century uniforms of the Battle of Waterloo and the Belgian revolution. I tend to focus on the hand-sewn buttonholes, linen shirts, fine wool flannel tunics, and other silly details but.....

Unfortunately, the WWII exhibit area was closed but they have some great WWI artillery and uniforms as well. A few WWII uniform items are obviously tired and have sufferered from UV exposure out in the hangar area. They have a few WWI aircraft - not many, but they appear to be unrestored and there are two down for restoration but with original lozenge camouflage! Hendon, outside of London, certainly has more but are mostly restored planes.

There are many things that could be done to improve or conserve some of the artifacts but that's a lot of stuff to care for. I think it was 5 euros so you can't beat it!





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This museum is only 45 miles from where I live, And has indeed a massive collection on display. However the past 40 years much has changed since the sixties. They have to work with limited resources, Hence the fact that there is always one room closed for any reason. You should see what they have NOT on display........



I welcome anything on US Army WW2 Railway Operating Bn, especially the 712th.

Researching visits of USS Niagara and USS Sacramento summer of 1864 in Antwerp.

Willys jeep CJ3 1952 - Dodge WC 52  1944

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