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WW I Shoulder & Helmet Insignia of the 35th Division, AEF

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Another excellent thread, WWINerd!



"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

*Sherlock Holmes in "A Scandal in Bohemia"*


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While you have covered the topic impressively, you have to realize that the 35th continued to wear colored variations between the wars. I have examples of the SSI of the 35th Tank Company, (Light blue circle, quarters red, lt. blue, yellow, and lt blue). I am pretty sure your 3-orange 1 blue insignia is the 35th Division Aviation. These are both units that came into existence between the wars. Shortly after WW1, 161 FA (a new unit) joined the division and may have had a red and blue variation. The 129th Infantry disappeared, eventually replaced by Nebraska's 134 Infantry. I don't know if they ever wore anything other than the standard light blue Division SSI. A 1940 Missouri National Guard yearbook shows that almost every unit was wearing the all-blue SSI at this time; however photos of the division flight surgeon and some of the tank company officers show that some individuals (if not their entire units) were still wearing color variations. The tank company only came into being in the late 1930s, which seems to be after most units were wearing the standard light blue.

Still, I really appreciate the photos of both the insignia and the soldiers wearing them.

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Photo No. 93: The service coat worn by Colonel Albert Linxwiler, commanding officer of the 140th Infantry Regiment, has been adorned with an insignia composed of two black, and two yellow quadrants within a black outer-ring, as assigned by Division HQ to that regiment. The inset provides a better view of a 140th Infantry Regiment insignia whose appearance is similar to that of the one sewn onto Linxwiler’s left shoulder.


Inset courtesy of Advance Guard Militaria.com


These pics are very helpful and I believe this is the correct patch for the 140th Infantry (two black over two yellow). However, the Dalessandro and Knapp book apparently says otherwise (they have the designs for the 140th Inf. and 130th MG reversed) and we keep having the same debate on Facebook over it.


If anyone can get D&K to issue a correction, you'd be doing a great service to the WWI militaria community.



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Oldcrestguy, thanks for your comments and for letting me (and us) know about the post WW I 35th Division shoulder insignia. If you have any more information on post WW I 35th Division color combinations, please post examples or descriptions for those of us whose knowledge ends in the year 1919, i.e. me ... Thanks.


Thanks also to mndoughboy1918, for bringing the 140th Infantry and 130th MG Battalion color discrepancy to our attention. I won't enter the fray on either side, but I will say that all of my research indicates that the above mentioned black and yellow color combination represented the 140th Infantry Regiment.

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This post WWI, Missouri National Guard uniform has been a puzzle to me concerning the 35th SSI. I thought it might be a 140th Infantry Regiment patch that had been sewn on upside down, but after looking nerd's post in photo # 96 I see a helmet painted with the same orientation as on my uniform. I bought this coat in Springfield, Mo several years back, it is not named, but don't believe it has been messed with. Your thoughts on the SSI?post-5916-0-71869900-1584575344.jpgpost-5916-0-23112300-1584575368_thumb.jpg

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