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Help identifying B-24 lost on July 22, 1942, in the Aleutian Islands

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I have been trying to locate information regarding the loss of a B-24 in the Aleutian Islands on July 22, 1942. I only come up with generic information. Was hoping someone may have more info regarding the aircraft and crew? Thanks for any help!



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Bob, thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it!


No problem.


This crew highlights the amount of apparently single men who made up WWII forces: here it looks like 7 out of 9 crew members had parents or a sister as their contact, not a wife. Thus, they likely had no direct descendants and to anyone in their extended family still alive they are uncles, great-uncles, etc. I think a lot of Purple Hearts that end up leaving the family are those of these young KIA uncles who are all but unknown to current generations.


Every time we can post info like this on the forum we are helping to honor the legacy of these young men, now often forgotten even by the familly.

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