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B-6 Flight Helmet Questions

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Recently purchased a B-6 flight helmet and have some questions. The inside is labeled as follows:



DRAWING NO. 42 G6431

AC ORDER NO. 42 7036






My questions are what mask would the ring/catch on the right be for? I have seen several with snaps but not the ring/catch.Second, there is a hole about .5 inch in dia. on the left side behind the two snaps, would it have been put there for communication equipment, snap or buckle pulled through or did a mouse eat it.


Thanks for your assistance.






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The B-6, I think, was designed to be used with the A-9 O2 mask...the snaps were added for the A-10 or A-14 mask...snaps on the left side are close together, but maybe the user was more comfortable with this configuration?

and the hole was for comms..usually cut out on both sides or not at all...


always liked the B-6 over any other USAAF flight helmet....

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The snap configuration, and the wire attachments ( which would be on both sides of the helmet), were specific for use with the A-10 Converted, and / or the A-10 Revised oxygen masks. The factory installed hooks on the B-6 were for the earlier A-9 mask, or with an additional hook at the top rear, the A-10 Standard.

Below is the snap / wire configuration installed on a Navy 1092L helmet, which was uncommon, but is occasionally seen. The mask is an A-10 Revised.

Regards, Paul




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