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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I dont believe these are traceable without have a service number or name.
  2. Humm, pic didn't come through correctly. Let's try this.
  3. While out today I picked up this Navy 2nd Nicaraguan Campaign medal, great condition to boot. Rim is numbered M No 9311, anyone know how many of these were issued?
  4. No disrespect was intended. I am proud to come from a family with a long and colorful military tradition. When I have the chance to find a named group my goal is to first make sure it belongs together and then document the history of the individual. My hope is to preserve their memory so when my time is done the find a good home.
  5. Thank you both for your reply. Wasnt assuming the worst, just raising the question. Have two Navy GCMs where the recipient wasnt eligible for a period due to scoring too low. Also have a buddy who served 15 years and only earnd the GCM twice. It happens. As for researching, between my old eyes and the condition of the medal I originally thought the last name was Nicks. Looked and couldn't find anything prompting me to post the general question I did. After USMCR79 asked me to post the name I went and looked again, in better light, and noticed it was Hicks not Nicks. Interesting he was at both Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  6. Thank you for the quick reply. Name is Joseph G. Hicks.
  7. Recently picked up some medals to a WWII/Korea Marine and trying to make sense of what I have. The GCM has 3 stars on it and is stamped with the name and date 1950. It also came with an Asiatic-Pacific, WWII Victory, Occupation, China Service, Korean Service, and UN Korea medals. What has me wondering is the Asiatic-Pacific has 2 stars. With a GCM issue date of 1950 something, at least in my mind, doesn't add up as far as timelines. Would this be a reissue or was he a bad boy and not eligible till 1950. Thanks
  8. The engraving seems contemporary to the canteen so I think so.
  9. Recently picked up this black enamel canteen with USMC cover and engraved cup.
  10. Picked this one up recently and haven't done much research, looks like he spent most of his time on destroyers.
  11. Thought I would add a couple. He started on the USS Cincinnati and then the USS Ranger till being assigned to USNS San Diego in 1939. Interestingly he did shore duty to help with the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.
  12. No date, I expected to see one. Doesn't look like a light strike since the rest so deeply stamped. Possibly a different contract?
  13. Not able to make out inspector marking on strap.
  14. Interesting, looks blue in the photo bit gray in person.
  15. Picked up this smooth side canteen recently that I believe is an original CW issue. Overall decent shape, missing cork but chain and holder still present. Strap is unfortunately torn. Cover is in good shape, no holes, an canteen has minor denting on sides. Spout is marked JC Johnson &Co. with no date. Thoughts?
  16. Looks to be a combination of both. From what I can see you have 2 made by Fox that I believe are WWII. The first sharpshooter in the second row appears to have a hook catch rather than a roller which could make it pre-war. The one marked JK I am not sure, not framiliar with the maker. Those marked with a letter and number combination, i.e...G1, would be post-war. Those just marked sterling could be either WWII or post war. There are several good threads on maker marks on the forum.
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