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Unusual mounting method on U.S.


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I haven't seen this style of butterfly mounting on any insignia before. From the looks the original mounting hardware was cut off before this was put on the insignia.





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pmanton may be right. It is very similar to this late 1800's cuff link back.





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Yep, got it buy now off the epay.

Right, just wanted to know if more can be seen of it, wouldn't be able to if it was just a curious online find.

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This mounting system Was used on tropical uniforms in the 1920's and 30's. While it is similar to cufflinks, they were a means for affixing the brass to the uniform by feeding the pieces through a slit in the lapel.



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Kind of looks like converted from a pin, though, looks like the mount on the back of the U was filed down during the conversion

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