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WW2 Nurse Frances L Sandstrom Spokane WA


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Some of hear story, Discusses Frances flying into Normandy. She also flew wounded troops back to the US.



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Doing some additional research on Frances L Sandstrom i was find that she is one of the flight nurses interviewed for the book " Beyond the Call of Duty" by Judith Barger. I have since purchased her book and I look forward to reading Judith's interview with Frances.

Only wish I would have been able to have meet Frances myself before her passing.

I will follow up with more history once i have finished the book. Really looking forward to it. As I told my wife, the best part of collecting is being able to put history behind the pieces we are fortunate to become care takers for.


previous pictures are from the magazine "Air Force" published October 1944 published by the Army Air Forces by Air Force Editorial Offices 101 Park Ave. New York 17 NY USA.

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