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emergency surgical instrument kit for minor surgery (question inside)

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Hi Guys,


I found this emergency surgical instrument kit for minor surgery. It's marked: "Yale Belt Corp". I have a doubt: It could be a ww2 surgery kit?

I saw few like this that people say are from WWII, but i would like be sure. During the years they didn't change a lot I thought...


Online, I found this site about medic equpiment during the war: http://www.mtaofnj.org/content/WWII%20Combat%20Medic%20-%20Dave%20Steinert/EquipmentOfWWIICombatMedic.htm

And there also is a kit like mine. We found this kit in Italy, near Gotic Line.


What do you think guys? :)

Thank you!
















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Those kits are pretty difficult to find with the full contents and in decent shape regardless of the era. The WWII era cases tend to be more of a brownish khaki or a lighter shade of OD green.


The contents themselves have only ever changed slightly.

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