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  1. Arch Nice stuff - as always
  2. 1. Iraq 2004-2004, 2. Afghanistan 2003-2004 3 Kenya 2015-2016
  3. 1. SSG Robert Millers uniform, 3rd SFG(A), MOH recipient 2. 7th SFG CIF in Iraq uniform and gear 3. 20th SFG(A) "In-country" made multicam uniform and gear from Afghan Local Police
  4. 1. Jungle jacket Uniform from Grenada (82nd ABN), El Salvador (7th SFG-Advisor), Panama Vet (7th SFG) 2. Original Desert Storm uniform and gear from a 3rd SFG vet 3. C-1-10th SFG(A) CIF Operators uniform and gear from the 1980's
  5. 1. Uniform from Commander of 46th SF company in Thailand 2. Tiger stripe uniform 3. Korean Swirl Det-K uniform, from MAVSOG vet
  6. 1960s items 1. Early Beo Gam / Leopard pattern uniform 2. Fatigues from early MAVSOG team leader 3. Duck Hunter camo from veteran that trained the Cuban exiles from the 2506, this uniform was from same lot the 2506 Brigade received 4. 1st SFG uniform, from winter training in Japan
  7. Here you guys go a long time coming update. Some new stuff 1. 1950s 10th SFG and 77th SFG
  8. Hey Lee Been a long time Looks Great.....Matt
  9. Not necessarily true I knew a number of NCOs who wore the Ranger Tab, instead of the SF tab-when you could only wear one tab. BTW, I always thought the original 1st SOCOM patch was a great design Just my $.02
  10. They couldn't find one former ODA member, from for that.
  11. I have heard there aren't any Special Forces (Green berets) as advisers to this movie.
  12. All This came in a grouping from a US Army soldier assigned to UNPIK, later was in 77th SFG Is this an unofficial badge? Sweet heart badge? Thoughts? Matt
  13. How about this magazine? It is Stamped Adventureline on the bottom plate
  14. This topic made me look through my stuff. I knew I had a few of the VN era 30 round magazines.
  15. Those green plastic carriers were used with the CS grenades. I opened case of '69 dated CS 40 mm grenades and they were packed in these carriers
  16. Nice Thanks, I hadn't seen this variation before
  17. This is the first one I have seen. I picked this up at a show. Anyone?
  18. Does anyone know what unit this patch is for? My guess would be 3rd Direct Air Support Center, I can't find any information I picked up a couple badged uniforms to a USAF LTC, this is a pocket patch on one. Thanks in advance Matt
  19. I'm guess that is probably one of the LRRP/LRSU companies from the 1980s I know Iowa, Texas Guard had these units Matt
  20. That is my 2nd option. I'm hoping I can find someone who uses old equipment and correct thread
  21. All Anyone know where I could send 2 WW2 canteen pouches to get the M1910 Hangers resewn onto the covers? Thanks Matt
  22. What are you using it for? I think both systems are bulky.
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