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  1. The time would = a specific altitude based on the velocity , right?
  2. 40 or 50 pounds of propellant and you can have one heck of a 4th of July
  3. Flitz polish is as aggressive as I would get with this. It will cut the fine rust but not remove any metal. It leaves a protective film as well.
  4. The JKC is cut a lot courser than any ww2 I have seen. Obviously different letter stamp.
  5. Oh ya it is criminal if he knew.
  6. Is the color not right? Is that what you were thinking from the photo? It does not look dark enough to me.
  7. It looks hand sewn, not done on a machine. It is double stitch that is done with a needle on both ends of the thread. The thread is a thicker type that is typical of machine sewing. Could have been re sewn by hand after the original machine sewing came out. It definitely looks hand made but I guess that does not mean "homemade". I make holsters and sheaths. Hand sewing one like this takes a long time. Really impossible to do on a commercial level but who knows in past times labor was cheap and technology was expense instead of the opposite being true now.
  8. One of the first military books I ever read as a kid. I think that my Mom recommended it to me.
  9. That is what I was going to suggest, it is what I use for these. You can also cut a small circle of say 100 grit wet or dry sand paper and glue it onto the end of a pencil for faster cutting. You don't see them any more but old fashioned pens with white ink eraser on the end work better than pencil erasers.
  10. For Military books Strong Men Armed, The United States Marines Against Japan by Robert Leckie, 1962 has been one that I seem to read over and over.
  11. There are a few places to look for military gear in Pensacola that a visitor might try. There is a old army navy surplus in Brownsville on Hwy 90. Same family has run it for years, at least 30. There is a military surplus store on Navy BLVD just before you get to W street. It is a good shop with a lot of smalls and uniforms but I hardly ever see it open and have heard it is moving to another location but I do not know where. ( I will update when I find out) and T&W flee market is a good spot to try. It is open on Sat and Sun. and is in the block between T and W streets at about Scott stree
  12. Just oil it, I would not clean it further. It is pretty rare with the scabbard.
  13. To me the one that would be worth most would be the one with the most barrel life left. Some of these are pretty shot out or completely shot out and a barrel replacement is pretty pricey. 1000.00 seems like a lot for a CMP gun that is most likely going to have a lot of wear internally unless it is one of the few that did not get shot much.
  14. Those mexican eagle ivory grips are incredible. They have to be worth 5,000 by the themselves.
  15. I just sold one of these that was navy marked circa 1960's. I think this one is same era.
  16. I would say he is second behind Alexander. A lot of what Genghis achieved actually took place after his death.
  17. If you want something interesting by Pyle that is not war related read his pre war news articles. He was a trouble man but certainly an Hero in many respects, that never got the credit he deserved for his bravery.
  18. Materials were never a problem for the North. It was men that was the problem for them. Really for the whole war but especially after Tet.
  19. I would assume that the number equate to altitude. Yes?
  20. I am reading "Plains Indian Raiders" by Wilbur Sturtevant Nye. University of Oklahoma Press. 1968. It is a very good book, not as sympathetic to the Indians as some modern tomes. It pretty much tells it like it was for both sides, good and bad. About half the book is filled with rare photos of chiefs and warriors.
  21. I was very fortunate in my work in the Medical field in an area full of WW2 vets to meet several that had written books themselves with very small publishing. I ended up getting a few signed copies of their work. The writing is not always the best but the stories in them are amazing and are told elsewhere. I will list some examples of these in another post. Maybe some one will get lucky and spot one somewhere.
  22. I got it on Kindle or I would send it to you. It was one of the better books I have read recently. I thought it was really good. There is a lot of lead up to the battle action but it was a part of WW2 history I really did not know much about so that was ok. You are gona like it. The interaction between the Germans ( Austrians really ) and the Americans and the SS is one of the best parts of the book. The amazing part to me is that the SS was willing to keep fighting for nothing when they could have just walked away.
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