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USN A-4 Skyhawk POW Signed Print

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Here's one I thought you guys might be interested in seeing.


After the McDonnell-Douglas merger, the company put out a series of nice quality prints highlighting some of the aircraft they produced (there were even a few spacecraft included). These are usually relatively inexpensive and show up on eBay from time-to-time.




I took the A-4 Skyhawk litho and had it signed by three USN pilots who flew the diminutive A-4 and were POWs from ’67 to ‘73: Capt. Dave Carey, USN (Ret.), Capt. John McGrath, USN (Ret.), and Capt. Dick Stratton, USN (Ret.).


Kind of a neat way to honor their service.





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And I stand corrected - just found that I have one for the USAF Phantom II which reads, "Designed and built by MCDONNELL, St. Louis for the United States Air Force." I guess they originally printed a set of McDonnell specific aircraft prior to the 1967 merger, and another afterwards incorporating the Douglas aircraft.



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