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  1. Thanks for the comments. I am still looking for air fittings and a hose right now. Would be nice to find an affordable helmet, but that is not likely. Chris
  2. Wow! Very nice. That is a great score in perfect condition. Please keep us updated on your progress with the parts hunt!! Chris
  3. Thank you for the comment. Yes this one still moves air. The pump could use new seals to be really efficient. Would love to find a helmet and hose to make the set. Chris
  4. I made a handle for the pump. Might have to make some wood scales for the handle. It appears there is not much interest in this old diver’s air pump.
  5. More pictures from the 1943 USN Dive manual.
  6. This is a USN shallow water dive air pump. It is in okay shape but needs a handle, some hose and some fittings. I will try and restore this one to a more presentable condition. These were made around 1916 and used by the Navy well into the 1950s. Here is a navy picture of one in use. The picture is from the 1943 USN Dive Manual. The next picture is the condition I found this pump. The last is after a little cleaning and mounted on a board. I am in the process of making a handle. Chris
  7. Went back to the antique shop and found this one in the same booth. Did not notice this one when I found the Admiral’s Halberd. This one is for a Navy Captain flag finial.
  8. I also found a picture of Admiral Nimitz’s barge from WW2. It looks like the halberd is flying atop the National Ensign on the stern.
  9. I finally found a picture of the Pacific Fleet Admiral’s barge and it currently flies the halberd on the bow. It is hard to see but the halberd is there.
  10. Thank you for all the comments. I also read that the halberd was re-introduced in the 1935 regulations. I however have been unable to find a picture of a halberd currently being used.
  11. Very nice group! Is the GCM a posthumous undated award? I would imagine it is. Chris
  12. Found this old vintage Admiral’s personal flag Halberd topper today. This one is really nice with some nice wear and tear. This finial topper is used for all USN Flag Officers except the CNO. This is an older one piece construction version. The more modern Halberds are two pieces fastened together.
  13. Just received this NAS South Weymouth Police badge and patch today. The badge is very nicely made but is unmarked.
  14. Read up on Waverly Wray, but I am sure this is not his jacket. Waverly Wray was killed in action in Sept. 1944.
  15. The name “Way” is very close to the famous the 505th Officer named Waverly Wray. 1Lt Wray is one of my personal heroes!! Chris
  16. Surplus market use to have tons of them. Some of these are Bugme’s photos. 😁
  17. To me it looks like the helmet was stacked in with other helmets and that is why you have the different rates of corrosion on different areas of the helmet. The lower rear edge looks like it was exposed to the elements while being in a stack of helmets. Just my opinion.
  18. This picture is from eBay. The seller purports this photo to be a Confederate soldier. I don’t know if this is a Confederate soldier, but the sword he is holding is very similar to my relic from Richmond.
  19. I wear a Hanover Brass buckle everyday. Really like his buckles, high quality and a large selection. Here is the one I wear now.
  20. Found a newer saluting shell today.
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