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I thought I would start this thread on unauthorized navy rates and strikers. Please post them if you have them.


Will start with some aviation rates that were never approved.


Aviation Electrician



Aviation Gunner



Aviation yeoman


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I wanted to mention that the aviation electrician was authorize in 1942 .The rating posted is pre 1942.


Aviation Radar



Aviation General Utility - authorized as striker only


Aviation gunner striker


Aviation Radioman pre 1942. There are examples with the spark like this example on rating badges. I have one in my collection and if people are interested I will post it.



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Here are a few more.


Chief officer steward



Ordnance Battalion, authorized as striker only


Pt Boat Crew, authorized as striker only(PT)




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If you have more examples please post them. I know there are other example out there.



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These are some great naval rates. I recall two very distinctive rates, but I'm sorry, but I don't have a photo of either one of them. One of the rates I recall was a CPO's bullion rate that had a skull and crossbones rating. I also recall seeing a 3rd class PO rate that had a lawn mower (push type) embroidered in the rate. I know that both of these were foreign manufacture- novelty pieces, but I thought both were cool and rather memorable.



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We talked about this once before. I remember one that was crossed brooms behind a dust pan. There was also the "Airdale" version with wings. Got my wife a coffee cup with that as part of a Chiefs crow. She actually loved it, mostly as I was a PO1 at the time.

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David Minton

On the right is an unauthorized Mineman rating badge. It has embroidered, and not the more typical for the period applied chevrons. If I recall it is stamped 1943 on the back in ink. I'm not sure how uncommon this one is, as I have never seen another like it.


For reference, the authorized version is on the left. The speciality mark of the unauthorized version is based on the Naval Mine Warfare distinguishing mark (at the bottom).


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Here are examples from my collection..


L to R top: Right arm CB3c in diamond, Aviation General Utility 2c, Storekeeper Technical 3c


L to R bottom: Chief Aviation General Utility, PT Boat Crew 1c, Ordnance Battalion 1c, and a Chief Officer Steward.


I also included a picture of the backs. All but the OB have something on the  back.




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Got this and a whole bunch of other uncommon rates over the weekend while on leave in Washington state for $10 each. 



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