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TG80.6 (Anti-Submarine and Convoy Control Group) for Dragoon operation


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Hello to all


i'm trying to have more informations on the TG80.6 (Anti-Submarine and Convoy Control Group) for Dragoon operation


Here is what i already get : "The convoys were escorted and controlled by Captain P. J. Clay’s TG80.6 (Anti-Submarine and Convoy Control Group) comprising the US destroyers Jouett, Benson, Niblack, Madison, Hilary P. Jones, Charles F. Hughes, Frankford, Carmick, Doyle, McCook, Baldwin, Harding, Satterlee and Thompson, British escort destroyers Aldenham, Beaufort, Belvoir, Whaddon, Blackmore, Eggesford, Lauderdale, Farndale, Atherstone, Brecon, Calpe, Catterick, Cleveland, Haydon, Bicester, Liddesdale, Oakley, Zetland, Crete and Greek Pindos and Themistocles, US destroyer escorts Tatum, Haines, Marsh, Currier, Frederick C. Davis and Herbert C. Jones, French destroyers Fortuné, Forbin, Simoun, Tempête and Alcyon, French corvettes Marocain, Tunisien, Hova, Algérien and Somali, French sloops Commandant Dominé, Moqueuse, Commandant Bory, Gracieuse, Commandant Delage and Boudeuse, US minesweepers Improve, Implicit, Incessant, Incredible, Mainstay and Pinnacle, six auxiliary motor minesweepers, British corvettes Aubretia and Columbine, and six British motor launches"


( http://www.cmchant.com/operation-dragoon-allied-invasion-of-southern-france )



At one point up to early 1944, the TG80.6 was based at Oran-Mers El Kebir


Question 1 : Does the convoy comes in a row on the flanks of the main ship stream. Or do they act like a couple are bunched together and assigned to a special local assaut force ?


Question 2: subsequently, in which port are they on the 2/3 days before August 15th 1944 ?



Thanks for your help

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If you look up some of the ships histories on Fold3 you should get your answers as most are day by day.


Good Luck!


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