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6-3 FSSF - Maritime Alps - Southern France - June 2008


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To add a French touch to Bilko's post, here are a few pictures of our weekend with Sam Magee 6-3 FSSF (Sam went all the way with the Force Kiska - Cassino - Anzio - Rome - Southern France). We welcomed him in a former 3rd Regiment CP near Mt Meras where we reenacted a small FSSF outpost and then spent the rest of the weekend with him visiting the FSSF area, especially the places where his 3rd Regiment was. We also visited the major FSSF monuments in the area and visited a local collector who has been collecting FSSF leftovers for over 20 years. A great weekend.


Sam in the Maritime alps in 1944




Sam a few minutes after his arrival at former 3rd regiment CP







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Former 3rd Regiment CP - Maritime Alps where we welcomed Sam (A lot of rusty C ration cans can still be seen around the house)


Here are 2 videos













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Amazing, this must have been a great weekend. I had some opportunities to visit WWII battlefields in the company vets. It is one of my most cherished memories.

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Wow w00t.gif Gr8 photos.



That must have been so educational to talk to Sam.

I am very jealous.

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