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  1. It could be only for 645th Recon but I am not 100% sure. 3rd similar helmet I know of found in France. I hope you will be able to clean it easily. I have the pictures of the 2 others but just don't know where they are right now.
  2. Sorry I got mixed up in my last post. It's from the 645th TD Bn attached to the 45th. Not the 636th.
  3. Yes one of the 517th- There was a thread on Trigger Time about it but the photos and most of the interesting content were deleted a long time ago. Talking about Easy Green helmets, I recenty saw one of his creations sell for big bucks at a French Militaria sale; a Red Bull Div with frontal NCO rank.
  4. Hello, I never thought I would find a Medic helmet and there it was last June.
  5. Hello, sorry for that. The angle of the picture made me think of a repro. I saw the 111th engrs helmet, it's really nice. Only one I have ever seen.
  6. The shape of the rim and the dark inside color makes me think of a repro Hawley liner.
  7. Hello, liner looks like a Hawley repro. I had never seen that one but it certainly looks terrible. So that is the 4th marine raider repro around ?
  8. Was this one also sent back to the seller or is it only the one featured on page 1 ? Thanks.
  9. Hello, what a strange ending to this whole episode. This is one of the weirdest M1 helmet stories I ever read of. I hope this will help the OP to benefit from more experience and confidence for his future purchases.
  10. Hello, To keep up with this thread, here are a few helmets from the collection.
  11. Hello, On the screen caps posted by Justin, we can clearly see there is absolutely no wear/use/age to the burlap cover, the sewing and the string; even the knot on the last picture has the string all fluffy, which is not a good sign. Looks like some typical Johnny Kash work. Does someone have a picture of the 29th helmet it was sold with ? _________________________ Admin Edit: for those who have no clue as to who "Johnny Kash" is, it is Jammie Kashetta. It would be best for our members to come out and say who they think it is rather than trying to be coy as several posters on this thread
  12. Hello I just noticed you posted 20 messages in this thread about this helmet. Are you also the buyer of the 36th helmet ? The 36th helmet is really beautiful, one of a kind and 100% original. Congratulations to the buyer.
  13. Hello, Is the British camo helmet a Malta camo ?
  14. Beautiful helmet, thanks for sharing. That short NCO band was often seen in units that fought/came from the MTO.
  15. Thanks, Here's another one taken during the ceremony of the 74th Anniversary of Audie Murphy's MoH action.
  16. Hello, Thanks for looking and Thank you for your positive comments Photo of my Assn, last week end. Rock of the Marne Assn at the Audie Murphy monument in Holtzwihr, Alsace, for the 74th Anniversary of his action. The Monument is +/- at the exact spot where the action took place. Sacred ground...
  17. Hello, Thanks for your comments. Here's a new addition to the collection. Brought back last Sunday, straight out of the Colmar Pocket.
  18. Hello, A new addition to the collection. FB shell from the Colmar Pocket. I was there last weekend on the footsteps of Forrest E.Peden, Medal of Honor and bought it to a local collector/friend. If you are interested in the 3rd Div, please check my collection here.
  19. Hello, You are the owner of the helmet and do what you want with it. But since you are talking about it on a forum, it is normal that some people will find it disturbing. I also think it is a strange idea to mess with it as it is totally untouched since WW2. One can clearly see the mark of the cross on the shell, which itself gives a lot of charm to the helmet
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