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Navy Police/Master-At-Arms Badges

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Here's a panel from my collection.

It consists of examples of USN Master At Arms, Police Petty Officer, Shore Patrol, Brig Guard and contract police officer badges.




Book Link: U.S. Navy Tailor-Made Dress Blues, Liberty Cuffs, and Sailor Folk Art

Wanted: USN Liberty Cuffs, vintage bullion rating badges, pre-1914 rating badges and vintage USN Police style Badges.






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Naval Communication Station in the Philippines.




Aye, but is it from the Sangley Point (pre-1958) or San Miguel (post-1958) era ?


I'm thinking San Miguel

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Thanks for this thread. First badge I have seen and purchased this weekend is attached. Back of badge has no markings. Any way to find out who had this badge on the USS Enterprise? It was purchased in Fort Worth TEXAS this weekend.


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