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E.W. Stone Zombie Killer !


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Nice to see some zombie killer e w ew stones on the market ! Interesting knife and story .





Recently, I ran across a blade that belonged to Don Brown and was in his estate when he died in 1996. Mr. Donald L. Brown is examined in the May, 2004 issue of "Knife World" in an article titled "The Vietnam Bowie". Don served in the 82nd Airborne in WWII and later the 8th Air Force after jump injuries. He was a member of the Knifemakers Guild and a friend of Bo Randall. Don't know the origin of the blade but he said he was working on a bolo pattern blade to use in his fighting knives for Vietnam. A parachute is stamped on the blade that may relate to his service. Decided not to let the blade go to waste and married it to the Stone Skull pattern handle. Thought it would be ideal as a Zombie Killer or all around chopping blade. This blade measures 11 1/2" in length and is 2 1/4" at the widest point. The casting is done in sand with the original WWII hilt pattern in the same manner as was done in WWII. Hilt is aluminum and is five and one half inches long. Knife is stamped at the base of the skull with a letter and number sequence used on all postwar production, in this case "S01". This knife is marked "S01" as it is the prototype knife. Each specimen comes with an authenticating letter and is shipped in a knife case.

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Lol,Oh yes ! I forgot the required,green with red spatter color.


I think it's just ew jr jumping on current marketing trends .

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