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  1. Contact jr. Make sure he uses repro, etc you guys are so out of touch. Wise up
  2. Yes those knives came from edmf . They were very nice.
  3. Yea as soon as the 2 main A holes on here issue a public apology to me & my friend.
  4. My friend made a couple of skull knives while up at the original foundry that made these for well you know. He sold a couple and gave me 2.He was harassed & threatened with violence & legal action by a very uninformed member on this forum. I exposed the true perp pumping out the skull knives many years ago on this forum. I was laughed at & mocked even called a male a mr. & a bitch to further humiliate me ! Now ALL these experts are scarce ! Rude ! That's why.
  5. LOL JR. got the bedazzler out for this "legit" & it's fully legit cause it has a legit certificate of authenticy. WAKE UP !
  6. BTTT? JUST CAUSE all the rude "expert's " who were so sure I was something else. NOW their is proof to the contrary & your all NOT posting your "expert" thoughts. RUDE !
  7. IMO everyone who's into these knives and been around let's say last 25 years,and read what's already been posted has figured it all out.
  8. My friend knew Dale at edmf. ? So many were made.
  9. I think you got it 95% . I will add that 1 person could be the main source of all the post ww2 "versions".
  10. Sadly the only TRUE person has passed who knew what was his & what was not. IMO their is NO way ,to say what is a ww2 EW & what's ww2 other maker.It's all just opinion,at this point . Knife world article is a excellent resource on these & I believe the only interview E.W. sr. Ever did.
  11. Read the "knife world" interview article with EW sr. ! It's the most truthful information on these knife & of course EW sr. Made knives in ww2 ?. If you have a letter or proven info direct from sr. & only sr. RIP Before he passed & have a ww2 ew made knife you have a true holy grail ! Imo $10,000 or more knife. Problem is everyone & their dog made them in ww2 too.
  12. It's all right in front of you. Someone don't know what's what or they totally know what's what.
  13. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/165024-ew-stone-zombie-killer/?fromsearch=1 When JR made this for ebay sales all the pieces came togeather for me.If you search their are so many letters & mold fresh shine ? knives on the market. All legit cause they got a letter ??
  14. http://knoxknife.com/Gallery/emodule/896/egallery/19 SR. Must be just turning in his grave. Yikes ?
  15. That's one of a few,their is a better one I started on this very subject. Now you got a checkmate. Either someone knows nothing of these type knives OR their the main source. You decide the truth...but to attack so many people on "reproductions" when the main reproductions are from but one main source,is so RUDE & misinformed. Don't ignore what's in front of you.
  16. Look over my ew stone posts it's all their. Looks like all the rude dude's on here owe this old lady.
  17. I told you all,so many years ago & was mocked ! You shall see ,as time goes by.
  18. Oh how the mighty have fallen. LOL ! Love the deleted finger stall braces for "legal" reasons,to bad it will collapse if ever used but at 1000.00 a pop who cares. ???
  19. Seller on ebay has almost perfect au lion and lf&c skull crushers
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