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Korean war combat medic stripes

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I have the offer of purchasing a korean war ike jacket to a combat medic in the 1st cavalry division ,my question is the stripes are navy blue on gold which

i believe were called golden light as medics are non combatan,s are these the correct stripes or should it be the gold on navy blue.


Cheers Dave

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Blue on gold = Combatant......Gold on blue = Non-combatant.

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I believe the color combination depended on if the soldier was in a Combat ARMS unit (ie. Infantry, Cavalry or Armor), or a support branch (ie. Signal, Intelligence, etc.). If that is not right, I hope someone will add official documentation to this discussion.




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That's about right, Blue on Gold/Yellow Combat Arms, Yellow on Blue Combat support/support, but and this a big BUT, Blue on Gold could be seen being worn by quite a few non Combat Arms guys,for instance Medics by and large IF they were assigned directly to Infantry, Tank, Artillery, Anti Aircraft Artillery, even Reconassance Companies, would be more inclined to wear the Blue on Yellow, their colleagues in Medical Battalions, Field Hospitals, to include MASH units would not, they would wear the Gold on Blue chevrons. Some Combat Engineers wore the Blue on Gold, some MPs too, I have no real reason as to why they wore these Blue on Gold combat 1948 reg one's, perhaps they felt they were intitled, and if MPs could be seen wearing them on occasion you know that it would have been at least tolerated to a degree.

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