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1880's Mule Gun


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I was at the Ft. Sill, OK Artillery Museum last week (worth seeing) and came across this display of a 1880's mule gun.


Text on exhibit sign:


"Experimental Mule Gun

ca. 1880

This 1-lb. rifled muzzle-loading gun was intended to be fired off the back of a mule. Unfortunately, the reaction of the mule to having a small cannon fired off its back was not fully considered. According to tradition, when the piece was tested, the mule broke loose, began to whirl around, scattering the alarmed witnesses, then the mule stepped on the lanyard and fired the piece itself. The force of the recoil is said to have knocked the mule "rump over teakettle" into a nearby river.

Army Mule

ca. 1930

One of the last Army mules in regular service, Wind River, was sent to a taxidermist after his death. Normally, taxidermists only mount big game or trophy animals so there was no form available for a mule. The taxidermist used what he thought was the closest animal, a zebra. The is why Wind River looks so unusual."


A fun item.




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Yes, that is an interesting piece and you do have to check out the whole FA Museum. There are a lot of interesting pieces in that museum. Danny

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