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help with a USN flight jacket


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have a flight jacket and I am looking for some help as to the fact that is it US or after market and to the era of its use thanks for any help -Pete



tried to get a picture of the tag but came out to fuzzy but it reads to what I can make out

Jacket,flying, man's


a line I can't make out then the FS


Irvin B.Foster Sportswear Co.

Contract No.DSA-?-8825

Size 38


Also it has USN punched into the leather next to the zipper

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If it's a "modern" issue G-1 the letters USN should be punched in the fly. An older version would have USN painted under the collar.




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Looks like a late 1960's G-1.


Nylon lining.


Paper clip zipper.


Waste band looks synthetic.


I've seen a lot of these jackets from 1968 (for some reason).






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Go to either one of these sites ,you'll get some good relpies, Vintage Leather Jackets , you have to register to post but a good site , same for this one but alos a very help site, post under "Outewear" on this one--- The Fedora Lounge


Good luck !


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