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us army rangers

msgt norway

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msgt norway

made this pictures today :)

hope you fellow collectors like them.

















cheers from ken in norway

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Hello KEN,




You definately have the look of someone that I WOULD NOT want to mess with if I were an "enemy" soldier and accidently encountered you "inside of the wire" of my position, indeed!! :blink::blink:


All The Best,



PS.. Have you received your "Cat-Eyes" in the mail yet??

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msgt norway

thanks for cool feedback Adam :)


sorry have not recived the cat eyes yet,mail is slow in norway

il lett you know rigth away when they arive :)


cheers ken

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Although I never served in the Rangers in the 70s let alone the US Army in the 70s I did serve in the Light Infantry in the 80s with this uniform for a brief period, so please take this as constructive critisism :)


1) The Rangers as well as the Infantry units all had SOP: Standard Operating Procedures such as placement of gear. The bayonet would be on the hip either right or left side and would likely have a "Dummy Cord" 550 thread to keep it from getting lost.


2) Your patrol cap would have 2 "cat eyes" verticley on the back and later your name strip too


3) loose the CAR 15, Ive only ever seen the 90mm Recoiless Rangers carrying these, but I could be wrong


4) loose the 3 canteen


5) secure your flashlight to your LBE


6) loose the .45 pistol, unless your the M60 gunner, your not gonna have a side arm :)


7) your MRE would be "field stripped" meaning youd loose all the crap your not gonna eat or D-ringed to your butt pack.


8) open your LBE, Rangers were famous for wearing LBE unbuckled :)

hope this helps,




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msgt norway

yes i know i have some wrongs :lol:


i have now ordered 1 m16a1 and 1 m16a2 for my pictures in future :)


the web gear are just made from pictures in my books

and pictures from the web,but i migth be wrong to.


the ration is not a regular mre,its a lrrp ration so it close to field stripped

but i should keept it inside the buttpack.

but then i couldnt show it.. that gave me another idea!!!!! il spread the gear from packs

and rucks in another picture :thumbsup:


im not angry for constructive critisism,it helps me to make things rigth on the spot

just how i like to gett it.

al feedback are good for my collection and pictures tributing those who served

this units i portrait and collect gear from.



btw i hope my writing makes sence for you people? i speak 100% english/american but writing. :rolleyes::)


cheers from ken in norway

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Actually the CAR-15 was SOP for Officers, Senior NCO's, and RTO's in the Ranger Bat's late 70's and 80's. We had about every conceivable kind you could think of 10", 11.5", and 14.5" barrels. A few still had the moderators in place but most had been changed to a standard A1 flashhider.


The 90mm crews were not as a rule issued CAR-15's but I was a 90 Gunner for the Grenada op and I jumped with an 10" barrel CAR-15. Since we deployed with a reduced force there were plenty of spare weapons so I made sure all my Gunners and AG's had CAR-15's instead of just their issued .45's.


Should have the cat eyes on the back of the PC.


Ranger Bat's of the 70's and 80's were not so wrapped around the axle on SOP for web gear in the field so don't worry about that.


Overall, looks good.

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