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12th Army Group


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Twelfth Army Group / 12th Group













World War II


The 12th Army Group was the largest and most powerful American formation ever to take to the field. It controlled the majority of American forces on the Western Front in 1944 and 1945. It was commanded by General Omar Bradley.


12th Army Group occupied the right flank of the Allied lines during the Battle of Normandy. After the breakout from beach-head at Normandy, the 12th Army Group occupied the center of the Western Front to the North was the British 21st Army Group and to the south, after their breakout from the Mediterranean coast, was the US 6th Army Group. As the 12th advanced through Germany in 1945, it controlled four field armies: US First Army; US Third Army; US Ninth Army and US Fifteenth Army. By V-E Day, the 12th Army Group was a force that numbered over 1.3 million men.



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