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158th IR Bushmaster

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HI all,

I reenact with the 45th of www.45thdivision.org. We are going to put on a Bushmaster impression for Reading. I have been reading up, but cannot find too many pictures or equipment descriptions.

Here are two sites with some good photos:




If you watch the video on the second site it looks like they are wearing HBT pants, but I don't think the shirts are HBT's. For equipment I am thinking M-36 suspenders, M-23 cartridge belt, and two canteens. One WW1 the other a flat top. WW1 first aid pouch.


It looks like most of the pictures are from training, so I am not sure if that is a good indicator of what was worn in combat. Some guys have camo, but I wonder if the camo made it to the front?

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