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WWI Dog Tag Number Question

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The photo shows the WWI dog tag for my uncle Robert W Kirby; US Army Serial Number 3820354.  His draft registration was June 15, 1917.


The National Archives have no remaining records except for his final pay vouchers.  His obituary shows that he died 9 years after the war but says that he died as a result of his service during the Great War.  I have trying to piece together his WWI history.  He has a very high numbered dog tag that I don't find associated with any division which would indicate that he possibly never left the US.  If that was case then he was actually drafted late in the war.  Family lore is that he was injured with gas. It's been a family mystery that really has no resolution.  There are numerous theories as to what could have attributed to his early death.


Does anyone know any records that would associate his dog tag with any training facilities or units? 





Dog Tags.pdf

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He was in Company G, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment Infantry Replacement Training Troops (a part of the 162nd Depot Brigade) at Camp Pike, Arkansas at the end of September 1918. He was in the 162nd DB in August, so probably drafted that month.  I would suppose he was on his way to the east coast when the war ended - he did not make it overseas.  He is only on a couple monthly muster rolls, and is not on the transport records as shipping overseas. Muster rolls are free to view on familysearch.org





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