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K.G. Luke Collar Emblems

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What on earth is a "whale oil beef hook???"


Advanced Collector and USMC Officer --- Paying top dollar for quality Marine Corps antiques. Kepis, shakos, helmets, hats, good conduct medals, old photos, fighting knives, hat and collar emblems, swords, guns, documents. Keep your USMC item in a Marine Corps family! Send me a PM and let me know what you have....





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Hey Leatherneck,


It is an expression that Aussies often use when surprised...say it slowly and as one word (often works with an Irish twang) 'whaleoilbeefhooked' ;)



20 years experience in BUYING and SELLING Militaria


Collecting and Researching ALL THINGS 1st and 2nd MARDIV '39 -'45


1st MARDIV activity in Australia post Guadalcanal and Australian Manufacturers contracted to supply clothing and equipment for the refit.


2nd MARDIV involvement on Guadalcanal and 'Bloody' Tarawa



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