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Napalm bomb, need ID.


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This pontoon boat appears to have been made from two Napalm Bombs. The Bulletpicker site refers to a TM, but the length does not match up.


https://bulletpicker.com/pdf/TM 9-1325-200, Bombs and Bomb Components.pdf#page=73


The bomb measures 174” long, the closest napalm bomb that matches in appearance ( BLU-1B) states it is 130” long, but “considerable size differences are found in the BLU-1 series. “


The “ boat” is sitting on the shore of Lake Wydowy  ( ?) , on the Georgia/ Alabama border.


All thoughts appreciated









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Could they be drop tanks?  It looks like the second line of the label says, "if used as ferry tank follow..." and the rest is unreadable.  Would a Napalm Bomb ever be used as a ferry tank?

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