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Assaut gaz Mask, strange bag


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Hello guys, 

I just found this bag for assaut gaz Mask. But it's different, it's marked UL (not U), and there is only one strap in place of two...

Thanks for your help 

Bertrand IMG20221118194716.jpg.9a841fb33f58bd7dbe76623942676c42.jpgIMG_20221118_194740.jpg.ba99d1a65184a9d6f0bd83880f48538a.jpg

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Yeah, it's all kinds weird.   The 2 buttons on the corners dont really make it waterproof as you can only fold the flap in half.   The single strap has the old style disconnects.   

UL is not that wierd.  "U" would be Universal in size, "L" would mean left side for the cannister.   


I have never seen a carrier like that....movie prop maybe?

I don't know, I would love to hear from others.



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Hello Dan, 

thanks for your help, I've found the bag in belgium, dont think a movie prop. The 4 buttons are are so it can be waterproof for me

L can be "Large " too? 


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