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Trying to date this blasting cap box


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Hi - I’m trying to date this blasting cap box, but I just can’t get it to ask me out! (Haha!)


But seriously, I’m having a hard time deciphering this… I’m trying to find the year. Would it be 63? I’ve read many web pages about dating military items, but this one has me stumped. Many thanks! 



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It should be mentioned that while the paper label is 1963 dated, my personal bet is that the wooden box is much older. These boxes were commonly refilled and new labels installed. I wouldn't be surprised if this box was made in WWII.



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Sorry, but that is unlikely. The paper label shown certainly refers to the box and not the contents. If refilled, as they were constantly, that label would NOT have been replaced, most likely it would have been removed. 

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Nomenclature shows 63 but they were around long before then and there were still some in use in the 80s when the newer green plastic non-electric cap boxes were issued.  I know in my EOD unit the older techs liked keeping and using them for M7 caps because they were considered more prestigious or old school than the new plastic boxes.

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