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Unusual miniature bar combination


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I recently won this miniature bar in an auction this past week.  I think it goes without saying that this is an unusual bar both in the number of and combination of decorations, possibly even unique. These are the pictures from the auction but based on the construction and configuration, I am 99% certain (and will be 100% once in hand) this is a British made miniature bar, and more specifically made by the renown company Spink & Son. 

Although one could argue that the use of stars would automatically default the recipient as a naval officer, I believe there is equal if not greater chance this is an army officers bar.  Spink did not use OLC’s to denote subsequent awards on US decorations, and when examined closely it is clear the stars are not gold.


With 3 silver stars, a bronze star, 5 Purple Hearts, a French officer grade Legion of Honor and British Distinguished Service Order, I’m very certain this bar can be attributed, but will admit I’ve ran into a few walls already.  If anyone recognizes this combination or knows how to find a database of DSO investures to US officers, I would be grateful.


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