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Joe Turkel


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Ahhh Just seen Joe Turkel passed in June, he was 94.


In Two of his memorable roles.


Soldat Pierre Arnaud Paths Of Glory



Petty Officer 2nd Class Bronson The Sand Peebles

petty officer 2nd Class Bronson.jpg

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And right behind Turkel is Gavin McLeod, who played Crosley and died 13 months before Turkel.  These were two of the last widely known actors to be seen in the film. The other, of course, is Candice Bergen, who will hopefully be with us for quite a while.

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And who can forget his role as Lloyd The Bartender 2023861435_emoticonlaugh.png.d5d908955e8a305864bb488be2b567bd.png


Your Money Is No Good Here Mr. Torrance!


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