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WW2 Mine Detector Set

Jake Zenger

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Jake Zenger

Hey everyone!


I have an opportunity to purchase this mine detector set but don't know much about them. Just want to make sure it's an original WW2 set. And I understand it's hard to see what all is here and what's not but is there anything glaringly obvious that's missing? Would also appreciate your opinions on whether or not these are desireable items? Not sure how much they normally go for. Thanks in advance for your help! 











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It is hard to be sure, but it does appear to be complete. The chest is dated 1944. I'm not sure if this model saw any use on the front lines. I have never seen a photo of this model being used. As for desirability, they turn up and are easy to buy. But hard to sell if you're thinking of it as an investment. That being said, I have one in my collection and am happy with it.

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