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need help identifiying munition


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First I would like to beg forgiveness if I am posting this in the wrong location, since we no longer have a 30 days and gone recent finds (a personal favorite that has been eliminated) as of lately it seems that posting in the wrong place or commenting on a wrong thread has become a source for reprimand and a good scolding at a minimum, so much so that I am almost afraid to use the forum...I digress from the topic at hand though. I have an unidentified munition of some sort that I picked up. It measures roughly 7-7/8 inches long by 1-1/2 inches diameter and weighs roughly 8 ounces it is black over-molded rubber and is heavily nose weighted. There are four stabilizing fins with what I assume to be a 1/8" diameter projecting gas port in the rear center and four additional 1/8" holes about midways up on the main cylinder of the body equally spaced - I'm not sure if these holes have a purpose? They could be for spin stabilization during flight? Maybe for smoke streamers? Maybe they were put in as a result of "de-milling"  I am not sure. There are no markings whatsoever on these munitions. I have several and they are all identical in appearance. The construction is very durable.  In advance I appreciate any thoughts on the identification.  If these turn out to not be US military I apologize profusely In advance and promise not to discuss the on this forum.






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Def-Tec 37mm Chemical Agent Barricade Projectile for commercial police gas guns. The holes in the body discharge the burning agent.


Stay Safe,






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