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  1. That is all good information. Thank you. My father was a forward observer for 106RR crew in the early 1960's, 3rd Army, stationed in Germany, fighting the cold war. Sadly he is gone now, I may have a pic or two of him with his crew, have to see if I can locate.
  2. A friend of mine works in a recycling facility and rather than go through the hassle of disposal, when he finds things like this that he knows I collect he sets them aside. He has been doing this for years and eventually I'll get around to posting some of it. Anyway last week I saw him and he had the attached image stuff. From Left to right The round with the link on it is a SLAP Round, head-stamped "WCC 90 SLAP" the tip is slightly magnetic and sabot-ted - very cool. The three larger rounds are head-stamped "LC 58" - they look like a shortened .50 Cal - measure around .506 inch d
  3. That is interesting. I talked to owner and he said that the number on the knife and the sheath matches the number on his fathers dogtags but that name doesn't match. I did find some information while seaching online about a man named Floyd Nichols - he made knifes for servicemen during WW2, he was from Nebraska. I found some knifes, not the same blade style but similar brass wrapped handle, I'm thinking he may be the maker, just my opinion though.
  4. His fathers name was Orlando Scalise. I found that Cornish made leather sheaths but not much else. Ohio is interesting, though, his family is from Ohio. Thank you
  5. A friend of mine who I work with knows that I like these kind of things was kind enough to bring in his fathers WW2 dagger. He said he had it made special for him - I believe he said his father was a machine gunner in Army Air Corp. It is one of the coolest daggers I have seen - the handle is made of a single piece of brass and wrapped/wound to form the handle. I fits really well in the hand and has great balance. The sheath is original and has his name on it, curious that it is serialized? Maybe his service number, not sure. The craftsmanship is really amazing, top quality in the dagger an
  6. USdog, What is the blade length and overall length? Also, looks like it is marked "Coalaunca & Co" am I reading that right?
  7. American Heritage, sorry for the delayed response, I'm not on the forum regularly. I don't know what school cadet sword is from - has "E Plurbus Unem" on one side and "U.S." on the other - SPRINGFIELD ARMORY, SPRINGFIELD MASS U.S.A
  8. Hey alright! that's cool as I say I'm not a patch person I thought I was spending to much. Thx for the feedback - do you think they are they all real?
  9. The last batch I gave $20 for I believe two are British - One has been molested and had the crown removed.
  10. I gave $40 for the first batch and $20 for the ones on the frame - think the are air force (maybe reserve) some other odd ones in there.
  11. 2nd Grouping - These were in a frame behind glass
  12. Picked these up a while back, they look real to me but patches generally aren't my thing, the price was good and I was itching to buy:) I got another couple of groupings from different sales over a period of weeks - I'll add to this post
  13. I call this technique "Fishing" - Good items are getting harder to find we all know this, sellers also know, value is a subjective thing, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay at a given time. Some people want the absolute maximum they can get for an item, so the put a unreasonable price on item and throw it out there, maybe they get a hit by someone with deep pockets or someone who don't know the real reasonable value. Not really ethical IMO but all I can do is not take the bait. It is frustrating - I was watching a group of 3 U.S. bayonets for over a year... price $999.99 I l
  14. Here are a couple of snapshots my father took of JFK saying hi to some of the troops stationed in Germany - These were taken in June of 1963.
  15. Allan H. Here is a pic of the button they are both identical, smooth brass - 9/16" in diameter. I could see "SAVOIA"... - Thx
  16. Unknown hat I picked up at a yard sale for $3. I could not find anything on it... I was thinking possibly a military school. Appears to be sliver thread embroidered. Inside is marked "C. LOMBARDI FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS I81 GRAND ST. NEW YORK" Anyone have any idea? Thx
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