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I grew up outside of Philadelphia in the 1970's.  The Bicentennial was all the rage, and you had a lot of businesses take on names that evoked the American Revolution (Colonial Dry Cleaning, etc.)  Of course, that was when the 76ers got their team name.  


A lot of good came from it.  Valley Forge and a lot of historic sites downtown were all spruced up in anticipation of thousands of visitors.  


For my part, I played in a Fife and Drum Corps for a couple of years.  It was a pretty unique time.


Unfortunately for me, I spent July 4th, 1976 at ROTC Advanced Camp at Fort Bragg, NC.  I got to watch the fireworks over Philly on a small TV in our day room, which was kind of the highpoint of the celebrations.  After that, everything related to the Bicentennial calmed down, with other lessor celebrations over the coming years until the mid-1980's,  

Old City 176.jpg

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