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WW I Aircraft Engine Data Tags

Brian Keith

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Just came across a couple WW I era data tags, I would love to say they were still attached to an engine, but no, these loose plates were probably souvenired by some GI, possibly from a crash site.

Sorry, no photo's tonight, maybe I can scan them tomorrow. Preliminary research found that French Spad's used the Hispano-Suiza engine, and US Pilots flew the Spads. The brass tags are very similar, same size, reads: top line; "MOTEUR D'AVIATION" second line; "LICENCE HISPANO-SUIZA" third; "BRIVETS BIRKIGT" fourth; "PATENDED IN U.S.A." fifth; "14 MARCH, 1916; 23 MAY 1916 sixth; "OTHER PATENTS APPLIED FOR" then a serial number; No.80262 and some kind of an inspector mark? A boxed "SFA".

The second tag is the same until the fourth line, it is; "BREVETE EN FRANCE S.G.D.G."

Then it lists the French patent numbers, The SN# of it is 116704, obviously a French made engine.

I guess I would like confirmation of what I found. Any body have or seen data tags for the WW I era aircraft engines?

I also got a WW I era tag that appears to be off a German Aircraft, it reads, "Militar-Flugzeug". PM me if you know anything about it.

I have to imagine things like this are pretty unusual to find anymore?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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I'm no aviation expert (very far from it) but I don't recall many aircraft having boilers! ;)



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Good afternoon, I am looking for an Hispano Suiza 8 cylinder aero engine ( 1915-1925) for restoration. Does anyone know if there is anybody wishing to sell ? Thanks

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