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Vibrant Green M1, named(ish)


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Hello everyone, 

I'd like to introduce the latest addition to my collection, bought from one of our very own here in the forum, thanks again fight!


The lid's your standard FS SB McCord, though what makes it stand out is the fantastic paintjob its received. The overpaint comes with plenty of intriguing details and textures, from the usual scrapes, knicks, and dents seen on worn lids to the more unique brush strokes and crackling, definitely setting this piece apart from many other repaints imo! A potential side effect of being hand brushed is the variance in thickness of the overpaint. This variation in thickness, though not very noticeable by touch, gives off a rather nice color show in that the shade of green alternates ever so slightly. Moreover, where there is corking still present they come through as specks of dark green 😍

Another notable feature of this helmet has to be the crackling along the left hand side of the helmet. It is rather heavy going up towards the vertex where a number of small dings have knocked away sizable portions of paint. This area looks so much like a little archipelago, love it! Closer to the rim provides a very pleasant crackling texture amongst the more preserved paint, some of the coolest textures I've seen!


The helmet came to me named to a PFC John Bradford. Though for honesty's sake it is by word of mouth, as it cannot be confirmed. I will include a photo of the feint I.D. written on the interior of the steel pot. 

All in all, this is certainly amongst my favorites. The sheer amount of character blows many of my mints out of the water, and I feel myself warming up towards the more artistic field repaints. I should mention my bias for this helmet, as the green reminds me of the ooze from the 1990 TMNT movie 🐸



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