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Button ID help please!


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Hello! I believe this was a button, though it is large but clearly not in great shape. The back was entirely deteriorated beyond recognition. I found it in the sand dunes in Upper Michigan, which I think is an odd location for it to have been, but would greatly appreciate any help in identifying it. Despite its condition, it may be of interest to their historical society! I have tried to research it; the best guess I have is Civil War period, but the 19 stars would mean it was around the time Indiana became a state? I could be way off on all this. Thank you for any help! 

IMG_20180819_190037 (1).jpg

IMG_20180819_193152 (1).jpg

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8 hours ago, Bob B said:

May be some sort of militia sash buckle?

I never even considered that or looked at those - thank you! A new hole to dive down. 😊

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