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Grenade Attachment, MG 34 mounts, various munitions ID help


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Hi all, I am back again looking for your expertise in identification.

1) Two MG34? mounts. They fit onto the previous posted tripod mounts (Drebeins?). Is that their purpose to just create a higher elevated mount?

2) Unknown grenade attachment.

3) Soviet cap, tried researching on my own but can't identify if armed forces or civil, nor what the accoutrements might symbolize.

4) Various munitions we found in a box. All inert. The main items are the bottom two, the top one, and the blue and yellow one marked "Bomb frag"

Thank you again!






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11 minutes ago, illinigander said:

Is that a CN stamped on the grenade?  Would it be intended for CN gas?



It's marked 3 in this image. RFX on the opposite side.

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Since no one else has offered any identification of the munitions, I might as well take a shot at it:  Top item is some version of MECAR's ENERGA Rifle Grenade.  It has been adopted by most NATO countries, and thus comes in a variety of paint schemes, tail fin configurations and practice versions.  Yours has been apparently repainted, making exact ID difficult.

The "blue and yellow" item is a submunition or bomblet of the BLU-24 series.  A Vietnam era munition used in a variety of cluster bomb units, such as the CBU-25, a multi-tube dispenser.

Again, the paint scheme is NOT original, as best I can tell.  The second from bottom item is a HEAT projectile, probably from a 106mm Recoilless Rifle round.  It is fin-stabilized, as a spin stabilization is not helpful to the shape charge function of the warhead.  The fuze is located at the tip of the nose boom, providing standoff for the shape charge.  While again this round has been repainted--inaccurately also--you should find some sort of stamped markings/nomenclature despite the paint.  The bottom item is a kinetic penetrator from a APFSDS round, I'm guessing a 105mm tank gun.  But hard to id without more accurate measurements.

Hope this helps.

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I agree with Taber10 on the top being Enegra and the bottom being penetrator.

As for the blue/yellow, Tabor10 looks correct on that too... but I'm not familiar with the BLU-24.

However, second up from bottom is a projectile for the 90mm M67 Recoilless Rifle. I'd love to have it in my collection. ;-)  

And the other items are very nice pieces too. Certainly better than the standard stuff you see around. 

If your #2 item is a real device, I'd suspect it to be quite rare as I've never seen anything quite like that. 

Nice grouping.


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I know all the ordnance except for the OD grenade with the waffle top and am baffled by it. Nothing in the TMs about it.Experimental? Fantasy piece? Can you unscrew the waffle top for a look at the fuze powder train?

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