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A Few M9 Bayonets….. Any Thoughts?


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So, I ran across part of my old collection of M9 bayonets.  They’ve been in a box, stored away for about 10 years.  They are cool, so I have to keep a couple.  Just can’t bring myself to unload all of em.  

    Any opinions on the best two to hang on to? Any idea of the value of these? I’ll try to post some pics. Thanks.







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The bottom one is a real prize, that's the best of the lot. The one with the chevron date code. That's worth some money.  (If is is marked on the back BUCK 188, then it's not the one I hoped is was)

 Next. the USMC M9 is a keeper.

Next, the plain flat top 'M" lazy 9 is a great.

You can sell the other two and not feel bad about it.  They are third and forth generation M9s.  Those two can be replaced later if you want to.


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Thanks…. appreciate the info.   Photos 5&6 are both gen 4. One seems to have fine lettering, the other deeper or wider.  Maybe just the difference in the actual stamp used???? Thanks


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Look at the O on Phrobis. One looks like the letter O, while the other looks like the number 0. I noticed this variation a while back in my collection. 

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